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The entire production is crafted by hand.

The over fifty years of hand-craftsmanship, passed by from generation to generation, makes  Fragano’s collections unique and inimitable. 

The style, the finishes, the care for details, the use of selected materials is at the core of the Italian fashion house collections’ success.


It all began in 1960, when Mario Fragano started its activity as a selector of fur skin coming from all over the world. 

The growing knowledge and experience on "raw materials" led Mario to start a wholesale business that quickly grabbed a leading position in the Italian market, and subsequently expanded at an international level thanks to the Made in Italy factor.

The great success in the wholesale business allowed the founder to create a team of artisans and tailors and start up its own fashion house, whose collections had immediate success among the Italian and international audience.

Today the fashion house Fragano, under Mario leadership and managed by his son Moreno, sells to showroom and to end customers coming from all over the world.


"Fragano" di Fragano Mario

via Lorenteggio, 157
20146 Milano (MI), Italia
+39 02 4895 2851
IT 09937760156


Fragano ensures the quality of its collections and the care for details

All furs are under warranty, and when buying you will be instructed with proper information concerning maintenance and cleaning procedures. The studio is always available for any request or after-sales service. You can contact us by filling in the form.